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Our TenUp blog is a labor of love that we hope you enjoy. When it comes to our venture, we at TenUp firmly believe that it is the faith and enthusiasm of the people who follow and use our products and services that defines our success. To give back to our community, there is no better way than to tell our story to them. Become part of our journey by subscribing to this blog and we’ll tell you about our core values, current projects, and plans for the future.

Conception and creation of TenUp:

At a time when blockchain and crowdfunding technology was booming, a group of techies decided to play a role in shaping the digital world. TenUp, as a result, made its mark on the local market and proved itself to be a game changer in the blockchain technology. Not only that, but TenUp also launched a number of educational and awareness-raising initiatives, empowering young people to become self-sufficient and gain access to the global market.

What exactly is Tenup?

It is TenUp’s primary goal to offer a variety of decentralized applications to the market. TenUp is an ERC20 token based on Ethereum’s mainnet, and it will soon be launching personalized Defi projects in accordance with its stated mission. Tenup will be available very soon as a crosschain platform.

Tenup’s Present and Future:

TenUp is committed to revolutionizing the way blockchain technology works. The company is well-versed in its objective of simplifying the often-complex code of conducts found in the legislatively focused world.

Immediately following the launch of TenUp on the ethereum blockchain, the project was able to successfully complete its presale and sold 14 million + tokens. On top of the 15 percent APY on our staking platform that TenUp has been providing its investors, you may be able to get up to a 50 percent increase if you’re lucky enough to catch one of our offers.

A decentralized game, TenUp Swap (reopen), and crosschain NFT market place are just a few future projects to keep an eye on. Additionally, TenUp is launching customized platforms, including a peer-to-peer exchange and the world’s first shariah-compliant exchange.

Hopefully, we’ve piqued your interest, and if so, please keep checking back to this page for updates on our upcoming projects. Furthermore, join the technology revolution by following us on all of our social media platforms.

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